Anfield Sports & Community Centre

In order to meet the increasing demand and meet the needs of the local community a second phase to the Anfield Sports and Community Centre development was completed in 2009 with significant support from the European Regional Development Fund and the Active Cities Funding.

The Anfield Sports and Community Organization aims to alleviate social and economic disadvantage, principally through promoting sport and other recreational programs to individuals who need it most because of their age, disablement, financial, social or economic circumstances. The facilities currently provide for Community activity across a range of sports and arts based programs.

The Anfield Sports and Community Centre (ASCC) is a sports and recreation facility located in Breckside Park bordering both Anfield and Tuebrook wards of Liverpool. Anfield is one of the most deprived wards in the country and the centre is critical to supporting the North Liverpool community in providing sporting, social and recreational opportunities. Notwithstanding the high demand in the area, Anfield has limited facility provision and opportunities to access physical and social activity programs.

The ASCC facility has been in operation since the early 70's and was originally a local authority known as the Anfield Youth Club, formerly referred to as 'The Anny'. In 2005 the ASCC Limited, a charitable company limited by guarantee, was found as a result of the coming together of Anfield Youth Club and Vernon Sangster Community Sports (VSCS), another local community sports organization with a thirty five year history, sited in Stanley Park and known locally as 'The Vernie' VSCS vacated their site in 2007 to make way for the proposed LFC stadium development. In 2007 the activities and operation of ASCC were setup in the refurbished Anfield Youth Club building.

VSCS, Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Football Club worked to secure the funding from the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund and Barclays Spaces for Sport to improve and extend the ASCC so that it could accommodate the activities of both organizations. 

​​The History of ASCC